Main activity

Santral Industrial

Since the date of its establishment, Santral has dealt with complex supplies of a vast variety of industrial, construction and hardware electrical equipment for both household needs and enterprises, from small construction and maintenance companies to large state-owned enterprises.

Alongside the above equipment, our company offers a wide range of household and landscape machinery.

Santral Lighting

Since its inception, the company successfully sells various categories of the modern lighting products from the leading European brands which are meet modern requirements of reliability, safety and energy efficiency.

Our specialists help clients to create an atmosphere of comfort for any type of apartments, offices, houses and buildings as well as lighting of streets, squares, parks, stadiums, concert halls, etc.

Santral Furniture

Since 2007, our company has dealt with the supply of furniture of various applications. Three large stores of Santral offer home furniture as well as furniture for villas and offices.

In accordance with the technical specifications of our customers, we deal with the selection and completion of furniture from leading furniture manufacturing countries, 3D furniture modeling, furniture arrangement layouts, development of customer-tailored furniture design projects, furniture cost estimations and also provide delivery and assembly services.

Santral Ceramics

Since 2007, Santal has started dealing with the supply of premium- and mid-segment European sanitary ware, ceramic tiles and flooring.

We offer selection and completion services for ceramic products and sanitary ware from leading manufactures in accordance with customer’s technical specifications, 3D modeling of products, layouts, customer-tailored ceramic design projects, product cost estimations and also provide delivery and assembly services.